Keep an Eye on William Hill’s Share Price

William HillAny savvy online Binary Options trader is going to be looking for any companies that have been either underperforming or have been performing much better than had been expected, and one such company that is expected to have an exceptionally good year financially is William Hill.

With the World Cup being held this year and with the results not going to way of England Football fans in particular this has meant they not only experienced the usual high volume of soccer related bets and wagers this Summer but they didn’t have too many results which went against their betting markets and as such profits on their betting division are very healthy.

Last year William Hill made a profit of £335million, however it is looking more and more likely that this year they are in line to announce profits of between £341million and £366million, and as such anyone looking for any gambling related companies to place a range of Binary Options on in the coming couple of months should consider do so on William Hill’s share value.

One aspect of placing Binary Options on any gambling or betting related company is that a series of bad results can reduce the yearly profits in quite a dramatic way, however with William Hill securing some good results throughout the summer, and as there are no really large or major sporting events from now until the end of the year that will have any major impact on their expected profits, and as such you should seriously look into a Binary Option on this well respected company.

Whilst many Binary Options traders were very wary of placing Binary Options on William Hill and other major gambling related companies in the early part of this year due to the introduction of a new tax regime associated with the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals which make William Hill huge amounts of profit each year, thanks to a healthy sports betting book things will not be as bad as they could have been if the World Cup soccer betting markets had not gone the way of the bookies.

Ladbrokes are another very well known betting and gambling company are not however having as good a time as William Hill and you should proceed with caution should you be thinking of placing Binary Option on Ladbrokes and their expected profits this year may not be as good as expected.