GBP Soars in Value

British MoneyThe result of whether Scotland is to remain part of the UK or become an independent state has finally been announced, and the result has gone the way of the No vote, and as such the residents of Great Britain can now breath a huge sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge the expected carnage a separation of the UK would have entailed is not going to happen!

In early trading today GBP has soared in value, and has regained all of the ground previously lost in the run up to the vote and has also become at a level not seen for many months. If you are a Forex traderFTSE 100 is also expected to rise and as such all Binary Options traders are going to be guaranteed of a good day of trading today if they correctly predict the expected huge rises in many of the leading companies in Great Britain.

Forex traders can expect large gains throughout the day in regards to GBP pairings with both the Euro and US Dollars likely to prove to be the most profitable, but it is to be expected that GBP may level off at some point in time during the day and will find its new footing and level.

If you are a Binary Options trader then it may pay dividends for you to invest your funds on some of the Scotland based companies, for lots of those companies took a battering recently in regards to the value of their shares when it was announced via early polls that a Yes to independence vote was looking like to most likely outcome of the vote.

Banking shares are also likely to be popular today more so those banking institutions that are based in Scotland as those companies also took something of a battering in regards to their share prices in recent weeks.

All in all today really is the one day of the week when you should think long and hard before placing any Forex or Binary Options related investments, as there are going to be some huge volatility in the market place that hasn’t been seen for some time in respect of UK PLC’s and GBP, so get planning your days trading quickly!