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With many developed countries looking at ways to reign in their overseas aid budgets, and with many of the countries who benefit from those aid budgets seeking ways to secure long term prosperity via managing their natural resources in a much more efficient way, the Natural Resource Charter was developed.

We have dedicated this entire website to showcasing to you the many different ways that countries around the world have benefitted from this Charter, whilst at the same time we shall take a look at the world of finance and will reveal, how, when, why and where it is possible for anyone wishing to start trading on the value of natural resources to do so in a cost effective manner and without the need to actually produce or own those resources.

Natural Resource Charter

Natural Resource CharterThere have been many non renewable natural resource initiatives over the years, many of which have failed to produce any meaningful results due to a lack of any form of meaningful long term commitment from the worldwide community.

The Natural Resource Charter has been producing some excellent results. This was a solid and well thought out initiative on which a set of action points and best practices have been put into place which allows government whose respective countries and rich in non renewable natural resources to put in place a structure to allow them to manage these resources effectively and be able to promote economic growth and ensure income raised through the sale of those resources is used to increase the welfare of the population.

In total the Natural Resource Charter has been designed in such a way that any country signing up to it is able to seamlessly follow a 12 step guide on which they are able to effectively manage those resources from extraction, negotiating contracts to selling the resources, obtaining a fair market price and then using the money raised to benefit everyone locally and nationally.

Each nation signed up to the Natural Resource Charter will be able to assess their own performance based on the 12 step guide which incorporates a set of best practices. This is a best described as a traffic light type of system which was trailed in Nigeria in the petroleum sector and did bear some good results once the initial scepticism of the scheme was set aside.

It was in 2011 that the Natural Resource Charter was adopted by all nations signed up as members of the African Union Heads of State and this Charter is leading the way forward for the development throughout Africa and is now part of the Natural Resource Governance Programme initiative which went live back in 2012.

Financial Trading in Natural Resources

Natural Resources TradingThere are many ways in which members of the public are able to have a financial interest in the value of any worldwide acquired natural resource, and one way if for them to invest in something known as Binary Options.

With the price and value of natural resources changing randomly every second of the day, it is possible for anyone to become a Binary Options trader and by doing so they need to pre guess the value in which the price of any natural resource is going to move during a given time period.

A Binary Option will only ever have two outcomes, either the value of a natural resource will increase in value at the end of the trading period or it will decrease in value. The main advantage of becoming a Binary Options trader is that you are only wagering on the movement in price, and do not need to physically own the resource you are trading.

We have compiled a definitive guide on How to Trade Binary Options which will enlighten you on how you can profit from the movement in price, of any natural resource, and below is an overview of some of the most common Binary Options trades placed relating to such resources.

  • Energy Commodities Binary Options In this guide we take a look at some of the many different Energy Commodities such as oil, gas and coal and look at how you can include them in any Binary Options trading portfolio on a regular basis.
  • Metals Binary Options There are of course plenty of different Metal related Binary Options trades you can place, and in this trading guide we take a look at many of your options including iron, aluminium, steel and cooper.
  • Precious Metals Binary Options This guide is of course dedicated to trading precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum and these are some of the most commonly traded Binary Options placed online by many worldwide Binary Options traders.
  • Agricultural Products Binary Options In this final guide we take a look at some of the many different Agricultural Products related Binary Options trades you can place such as corn, coffee, and sugar.

African Nation Currency and Forex Trading

There is another type of financial product which many investors regularly trade and this is covered in our How to Trade Forex guide. There are many African Currencies which Forex Traders can couple up either together or with other Major Currencies of the World in the hope they predicted the value of the currencies would move actually happens, and if so they will make a profit, without actually have to buy those currencies, hold on to them and then sell them.

Charter Finance Resource UK Personal Finance Guides

UK FinanceWe have some additional financial guides that we think are going to be of interest to all of our UK based website visitors. These track the best mortgage and saving rates, current accounts and credit cards currently available.

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  • Best Savings Rates Saving rates are at an all time low, however by shopping around you will find the rate offered by many of the leading banking institutions can vary, and there are some quite good rates and deals currently on offer.
  • Best Current Accounts Getting the best valued bank account is going to be an important part of your everyday life, you should be looking for one which offers a low overdraft fee and a range of additional benefits.
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